Welcome to AbiTeq Photography

AbiTeqPhotography.com presents the work of George Allen, an avid Portland, Oregon, USA, photographer, practicing the art of the picture by capturing natural and city landscapes, profile and fine art views of women as well as dramatic city architectural photographs.

Painting With Light…

I enjoy being an artist…
even if no one sees it.

My photography starts with taking pictures to record moments in time with friends and family. This is why most people take pictures, right? I love to document memories… for parents especially… to share the wonder and love of a child’s first twenty years at home. You can never have too many good pictures of those you love.

I also love to photograph nature. I enjoy exploring and experiencing the woods, a stream or lake, or sandy beaches. The scene of a distant mountain, a waterfall cascading down a hillside, or ocean waves splashing on the rocks, feeds my soul. To capture these moments in time, in light, in composition… telling the story of my experience… fulfills me deeply.

Photographing people is a love as well… particularly women. A well done portrait shows the real person looking out through those eyes. And the female form portrays pure beauty… women have historically exemplified art for good reason.

My Art

Note that I occasionally alter my photos into art for art’s sake. I can exaggerate the edit of photos to create art that often looks much different than the original photo. I am not a painter. I do not draw. But I can make my computer perform amazing feats to alter the original beauty from my photos. I will describe these pics as “Art” rather than photos to ensure you know when you are seeing nature alone at work.

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.” …Rumi

The surprise and pleasure of seeing the photos I have taken first appear on my computer screen is a joy in my life. I am entertained and exhilarated… sometimes amazed. Honing the craft and skills of using a fine camera to capture the light in a scene to tell a story is a very fulfilling practice. Does the picture reflect the scene as I intended? Did it come out even better? Astonishing, perhaps? And what does it look like if I tweek this? or that? Wow!! Look!

Photography is my art… even if no one sees it.

George Allen

AI Generated Art

After discovering this revolutionary and incredibly beautiful art creation technique, I have decided to create AI art in addition to my photography. They need not compete. Each is art and each is gorgeous. Look over the portfolio and I think you will agree.

October 3, 2023 – I am proud to announce the team at the new Ritz Carlton building in Portland, Oregon chose Abiteq Photography to show off their magnificent example of architecture as seen over the beautiful Portland skyline.