The new Ritz Carlton in Portland chooses Abiteq Photography

I am proud to announce Abiteq photographs are being used to introduce the new Ritz Carlton building to Portland.

The 35-story Ritz-Carlton Residences is a modern, dark glass building expected to house 132 luxury condos and 251 hotel rooms.

The building fills the block at Southwest 9th and Washington Street, and it’s now getting close to opening. The hotel will be announcing an official date soon, but for now it is saying late summer.

“It’s a lot of fun to create what the experience is going to be for our guests, be on the ground floor, hire all of the team, and make sure that you bring the right people on board,” said Marie Browne.

Browne is the hotel general manager overseeing what will be Portland’s only 5-star hotel. The hotel rooms are expected to start at $575 a night and going up from there. They’re already booking up.

“…But this $600 million dollar building is more than a hotel. The top third of floors are condos for sale, with penthouses going for nearly $8 million dollars. Of the 132 condos, we’re told nearly 30 are in escrow.

On the bottom floors will be office space, hotel meeting rooms and some retail space. This is a mega multi-use building.

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